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Ostelflow is a new generation cloud-based solution for hospitality, founded in 2020, a platform that streamlines operations and communication, boosts productivity, and increases guest satisfaction, by automating the entire workflow in one centralized workspace (tablet, desktop & mobile app).



Is the first touchpoint that allows you to engage with the guests and gives you the time to know their requirements better.


Integrated digital automated process with full travel experience Provide a welcoming experience for guests upon arrival .


Many activities are available during a stay – Guest room, pool, gym, restaurant, lounge, spa, etc. Most guests expect an enhanced experience.

check out

Check-out process transformed into a “Next Time”, making the last experience memorable. Provides a smooth and appropriate relationship with the customer

Guest experience

Put the guest journey at the center

Imagine being able to recognize returning guests, and delight them by offering a speedy check-in, their preferred room choice, and personalized room, spa, and dining options. With Ostelflow you can keep track of each customer’s past interactions and preferences, from room requirements to favorite drinks at the bar and beyond. Use intelligent analytics tools to make your guest profiles more precise and meaningful, and use this knowledge to show your guests that you really know them, and care.

We offer cutting-edge digital solutions to elevate your guest experience


Hotel experience

The right solution for your business

One size does not fit all. Ostelflow has a comprehensive platform designed for your specific business needs. Choose a solution to find out more.

Easy access

Book activities inside the hotel, request a service, and claim a problem at your guests’ fingertips before, during and after their stay.

Back Office

It will be the backbone of the hotel operation as it will monitor, assign and answer all the requests coming from the previous services that were mentioned previously.

Virtual concierge

Customers are one click away from personalizing their stay even before their arrival. We make sure you’re picked up on time by one of our drivers.

Ostelflow API

Free up your technology stack with our open APIs that facilitate real-time, seamless data exchange for more efficient operations, better system connectivity, and a unified, personalized customer experience.


Leadership Team

Mehdi Tatar

Mehdi Tatar

Co-founder & CEO

Amine Riahi

Amine Riahi

Co-founder & COO

Wael Mejdoub

Wael Mejdoub

Co-founder & CTO

We make hospitality easier and your guests happier

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